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Who are you and what do you want with my face

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The firm grip simply turned his body towards the stairs, and he followed like a loyal pet, still holding the laundry against his chest. “Dun really think so,” he shrugged, starting up the steps. “I guess I met up with Scott n’ this one medic who I met a while back. Think I ran into a soldier n’ kinda helped him with rocket jumpin, but other than that…” He chuckled. “What’s bein’ ‘popular with the newbies’ round here gotta do with that though?”

The odd look was brushed off - it might have even gone unnoticed. Murdoc made no other comment on the matter, however, listening to what the other had to say with small nods in between. “‘m glad y’were able t’get it sorted out…” He glanced at the BLU soldier. “You ‘ight though now?” 

The veteran almost tripped on the last step up, but caught himself before he could fall on his face, and continued walking as if it had never happened. “Aye. He’s doin’ better now, I think. Should give ‘im a visit or somethin’ sometime…” 

"The new ones always seemed t’be drawn to you like cattle to water," Ben chuckled, "was just wonderin’ if you’d seen any new faces. Are these fellows any good? And yes, I’m quite alright now.

“‘Least I ain’t some bitter old man, anymore. Or I ain’t far as I know.”

Ben watched as Murdoc stumbled, slowing his step a tad to keep them side by side, and proceeded to keep a careful eye on the other soldier as they approached the stairs, “y’know, if the balance ain’t with you I can always take the basket back.”

He reached out for it.
"I’ll make sure t’pay him a visit after this, gotta head over and get a checkup anyway."


"Uh, s’pose there’s a chance I could, aye. Let’s see.. Still blowin’ people up; rocket jumpin’, dinosaurs are still cool… Like I said. ‘Same old’." Murdoc shrugged again, gesturing with his hands. 

"Must’a been some damn good drink." The basket was shoved into his hands, and they held it before the soldier could realize what had happened. All the basket got was a downward glance and nothing more as his focus returned to the sickly-looking man before him. "Well, ‘m glad yer back though. If y’ever need help with gettin’ settled back, lemme know." He paused before continuing. "But did y’find what y’were lookin’ for?"

Murdoc smiled slightly and nodded. “Yeah. Haven’t been ‘round t’visit him much, but last I saw, he was ‘wake. Heard he was even up ‘n ‘bout, on his own two legs. Well, minus a cane, but s’good ‘nough.” 

"Yeah, ‘s the same old I suppose. I take it no new people have come knockin’ on your door?" Ben grabbed the other soldier by the shoulder and turned him so they were both looking towards the stairs and started walking, letting his hand drop back down at his side. "Far as I remember, you were always rather popular with the newbies ‘round here."

He gave Murdoc an odd look, “… I’ll make sure t’let you know if I need help.

“‘N I can’t exactly say I went there for some specific reason, ‘s more like, well…” one hand went up to his face and scratched at the scar at his temple, “I went there ‘cause I needed t’get away, got stuck wastin’ my money. Made peace with some ol’ demons ‘n came back here shortly after. So I s’ppose I found what I was lookin’ for.”

Ben gave a smile and a grunt, standing up a little straighter, “glad t’hear he’s out and about.”


Murdoc was rendered speechless for a moment. That had taken a better turn than he’d expected. A shout or a sneer or something would have been warranted, but the other soldier just let it slide off his shoulder like a water on a duck’s back. 

He was simply nudged out of the way, and the first thing he could come up with to reply was “y’look like shit.” Granted, not the best way to greet someone after not seeing them for so long, but neither was punching them square in the face. 

"I mean, uh, yeah, ‘m doin’ ‘ight. Same old, I s’pose." Murdoc shrugged slightly, rubbing at the back of his neck. "S’been a while n’ I didn’t know if y’gone n’ crawled into a ditch or somethin’. Kinda left without a say, y’know, not that y’needed t’tell me or nothin’ but a lil’warning would’a been kinda nice…" Now he was just running his mouth, and he stopped himself before he could rant on. 

"Uh, so how are you? If y’say ‘good’ I’mma punch ya in the jaw fer real this time, cause y’really do look like shit." 

Murdoc’s frank words caught him just about as off-guard as his fist had done just a minute ago, and a bark of laughter escaped him. “‘Least y’ain’t sugarcoating the truth.

"Same old, y’say? Doin’ alright? No chance you could elaborate on that?" Ben raised an eyebrow at the rather plain answer he got to his question and adjusted his grip on the laundry basket while he mulled over his fellow soldier’s words, guilt brewing like poison in his chest. "I jes’ had to get away, ‘s all. Was in a town a couple dozen miles south. Had some mighty fine drink, they did."

He shrugged and squinted in the Murdoc’s direction, before shoving the laundry basket into the other’s arms, “Guess I went’n looked to deep in the bottle again, but I’m back, not in service yet but I s’pose I’ll be once I get a check. If anything’s wrong I’ll jes’ have to run through respawn a few times. I’m fine. Gonna lay off tobacco too, for a while, if that makes you feel any better ‘bout my damn health.

"Speaking of health, how’s Friedrich holdin’ up? Last I saw him he was, well…" Ben made a vague gesture with his hands, "out. He awake yet?" »


He had lost weight.
That was the first thing that crossed Ben’s mind when he looked into his own eyes in the mirror. Second was the sickly pallor to his cheeks, and third the purple bags under his eyes.

He hoped he wasn’t as bad a wreck on the inside as the outside, then…

Collecting the few items he owned that were fit to wash didn’t take more than five minutes. It still made for quite a batch since his sheets had been thrown into the mix.
Ben looked around the dusty room one more time, then pressed down the door handle with his elbow and pushed the door out of the way with his foot.
The corridor outside was empty aside from the blue-clad shape of a man. Whose eyes were hidden by a pot. That was just about what Ben had the time to process before the other’s fist connected with his jaw and threw him off balance. He planted his foot behind him and gave the other a wide eyed look before he cracked a large grin, listening to the other man’s apologies.
“‘S fine. Nothing to worry about,” he rolled his jaw to make sure there actually was nothing to worry about. “That’s a mighty fine arm y’have there. Been training, have we?”

Ben nudged the other aside with the laundry basket and kicked the door shut behind him, and then smiled at the other soldier.
“‘S good to see you again, Murdoc. I assume everything’s good with you?”

He had lost weight.
That was the first thing that crossed Ben’s mind when he looked into his own eyes in the mirror. Second was the sickly pallor to his cheeks, and third the purple bags under his eyes.

He hoped he wasn’t as bad a wreck on the inside as the outside, then again it was to be expected when you took to the bottle like he had for the past eight months.
He smiled and dragged a hand through too-long hair; at least he was back on his feet.
Better deal with the laundry.

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great even a horse has better hair than me


Maybe she’s born with it.

Maybe it’s Maneballine

maybe she’s barn with it

maybe it’s neighbelline

What a gorgeous creature.

[fyi it’s male

crimsondemise said:

Who would be the big spoon?
They’d take turns

Who would wake up first?
…. Ben? No idea ‘bout JJ’s sleeping patterns.

Do they have nicknames for each other?
They already have a form of nicknames for each other.

What happened when they met each other’s parents?
If JJ’s parents are alive, then it hopefully went smoothly. That or they brutally killed ben and ate his remains.

How do they apologize after an argument?
Not looking each other in the eyes because they got something in their eye.

What would they be like as parents?
I have a feeling JJ would be the “firm” dad. Ben sneaks the kid/s candy when his partner isn’t looking.

Who is the better cook?
JJ? I don’t think Ben would dare eat his cooking though, considering the man’s culinary habits.

Who is more romantic?
….. Ben.

What sort of gifts do they get for each other?
Booze and bbq. A nice long evening on the porch/in a couch watching a movie with the possibility of cuddles.

Who gets jealous easiest?

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?
…. I have a feeling they both like it, but not to the extent that they bounce around the day before either event.

Who is the most adventurous?

Who is the most protective?
They’re equally protective

What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?
Possibly fighting a lot. Ben wouldn’t stand to be called kid/midget/dwarf.

*BONUS: Song to sum them up?*

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark


 Do I ship it?

 NOTP / Crack only / AU only / Not really / Maybe a little / Well now I do/ Yes/ Of course! / OTP